It all began in 2012 when Posy worked in the fabulous studio of an artist named Andrew Logan, who belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. Immersed in the magical studio, Posy was instantly inspired by the exoticness and glamour of Andrew’s creations and quickly absorbed the fantasticalness of his glasshouse studio in London. Fast forward to 2016 when Posy’s Fine Art Degree took her to Bologna, Italy on study abroad programme. Whilst there, Posy noticed a mosaic class on the curriculum, which reignited the flame of how much she loved creating the art form in Logan’s studio all those years ago. Upon return, Posy was commissioned to create a vibrant and exceptionally colourful mural for a shower in an upmarket holiday let. With full creative reign being given to Posy, the general brief was to create a mosaic, which evoked feelings of an infinite jungle. This commission attracted guests who had a passion for art. Glowing reviews started to flood the posting, with guests selecting it for their holiday due to the intriguing artwork in the bathroom. One guest in particular subsequently loved the work so much that they excitedly invited their friends round for dinner to show them the mural. The friends fell in love with the work instantly and with plans to build a house from the ground up, they decided then and there that they needed to find whoever created this wonderful bathroom. Unknown to who the artist was, they were stumped with how to contact her.  

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 Fast forward again to the beginning of 2020, Posy’s artist endeavours had once more taken her aboard and she was living in Sri Lanka, where she was studying hyperrealism at Ani Art Academy. Basking in the sunshine one morning, Posy received a call from her mum in an excited panic. She had received a postcard from none other than the guests who had come for dinner in the holiday let, requesting the details of the artist who had created the exceptional mosaic in the bathroom. Flattered, Posy gratefully accepted the commission and intended to produce the project whilst in Sri Lanka, planning to only travel for the install. She was all set to go, when grim news started to emerge from the East, which led to a series of worldwide lockdowns. As a result of this, Ani Art Academy was unfortunately forced to close its doors and therefore, after only six short months in Sri Lanka, Posy decided it was better to be at home with family, whilst things settled down. Upon arrival, Posy set straight to completing the mural. 


In October 2020, with things equally as challenging in the Middle East, Zoe was also ready to return to the UK after spending the last year working in galleries in Dubai. Shortly after arriving home, with Posy well into the commission and a plethora of interest in future commissions, the two decided to join forces. It was decided that Posy would run the operational and design side of things, with Zoe running the marketing and sales. And with this collaboration, Mosaics Squared was born. The concept essentially started as a lockdown project, which flourished into something very real indeed. Oh the wonders of a simple post card! 


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As the creative force behind the project, Posy Daniel is a visual artist who has been working with mosaics for over 5 years. With a background in fine art and print design, Posy has worked with several fashion brands to create textile prints. As an artist, she values the importance of colour and pattern in the everyday. Mosaics can translate daydreams into colourful realities. As an explosion of creativity, they transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


With a background in art sales and marketing, Zoe Glaysher, co-founder of Mosaics Squared, has held positions at several international galleries. Having worked at various contemporary spaces in London and Dubai, Zoe feels passionate about how art connects people and improves the quality of living areas. With an extensive knowledge of the art world, experience in gallery management and working as an artist liaison, Zoe enjoys working collaboratively with creators and clients to deliver high quality imaginative projects.