Renovation up-cycle scheme; Materials That Age Gracefully 

Mosaics Squared currently utilises recycled materials when possible and enables clients to make sustainable choices. Since the beginning of the venture, we have aspired to use unwanted or broken tiles to create the artwork. After a recent collaboration with Crème de la Mer, which was a mosaic workshop using entirely sea-washed and recycled ceramics, we have been motivated to think about achieving our goal. Since the event, we have successfully contacted numerous tile distributors and have received their extra tiles to start creating with. We are currently working with Claybrook studio, Hyperion Tiles, Lost in Glass, Topps Tiles, and Johnson Tiles. Once a month the Mosaics Squared team goes to collect discontinued lines and broken tiles from their warehouses. We then clip these pieces to the correct sizes and create our mosaics. By picking up these broken tiles from various companies, it means the tiles can continue their life cycle, rather than going to landfills and filling up the world. 


Our ‘Materials That Age Gracefully’ concept takes this notion one step further, and into the field of renovation. Are you building a new house or revamping a part of your existing one? Will you be using tiles to refurbish? If so, we’ve got your excess covered. Whether they’ve been damaged in transit, on the job, or you’ve just ordered too many, Mosaics Squared can reimagine the surplus into something magical. As you can make a mosaic from anything, and the more broken the better, why waste them? To make our mosaics in the studio, we commonly use recycled and repurposed materials such as household tiles, scrap glass, and broken mirrors. So if your perfect build has used any of these resources, we’re the team to continue the artistic flow of your creation! Using materials such as grout and tiles, which take a lot of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport, is unfortunately unavoidable if you want a shiny new bathroom. However, why not take a forward step to be green and make sure nothing is thrown away. 


So here’s how it works. Once your renovations are well on their way, and the skip starts to fill with wonderful waste tiles, which you think could be turned into artwork, our team will come to the site to conduct an initial consultation. During the first meeting, we will be looking to discover your style and the size of the mosaic we could create. Additionally, you may have old or pre-existing pieces of furniture that you wish to mosaic such as, headboards, lampstands, table tops, or baths that don’t quite fit the style of your interiors. After establishing a plan, we will then hit the drawing board and come up with a series of designs, which we think would complement your home. Upon your approval of the final composition and depending on your location, we will either collect the waste tiles or have them delivered to begin making. Consequent to completion, we will deliver the artwork and install it as the finishing touch to your fabulous new home.  


Should this sound ideal to you and your situation, please get in touch to find out more details, including our payment structure and timescale. We can be reached by email at or by WhatsApp on 07957423702

Posy and Zoe x