Based in the heart of Dorset, Mosaics Squared supplies unique mosaic creations to private customers and commercial interior specialists. Handmade in numerous shapes and styles, each mosaic can be easily installed by the client to add that perfect splash of colour. Mosaics Squared aims to bring the magnificent history of the art form into the contemporary scene. Whether in a kitchen or corridor, bathroom or balcony, our tiles reflect a personalised style achieved with an exclusive product.


Within our studio, we use ceramic tiles for the production of our pieces. As they are vibrant and colourful, they provide the perfect palette to help us make your walls into something wonderful. As our head designer, Posy’s creations encompass a brilliant array of subject matters. From skyscapes to coral reefs, mountains to jungles, each piece delivers an exceptionally exclusive aesthetic, which will correlate with your interiors and harmonize your space. 

Mosaics Squared believes the art form can be used anywhere that a little bit of embellishment is needed, or if one wants to create something unique such as master en suites, feature walls or entrance halls.