As just two of a kind, our first edition of sustainable lamp bases are our Jean Debuffet inspired pieces. With a stand constructed from recycled Polystyrene packaging, tentatively adorned with the excess mosaic clippings, the artworks are influenced by the great French artist and his rebellious attitude toward prevailing notions of high culture and beauty. The artworks perfectly embrace the weird wonderful world of wonkiness. 



Mosaics Squared produces works out of “waste” materials. Therefore, our Mosaic Towers are the ultimate symbol of this as they are carefully constructed from recycled sections of board and excess ceramic clippings from previous commissions. Colourful and sustainable, the stands, as our most commercial product, are a great way to add a splash of something colourful to your space.



Designed with elements of urbaness in mind, the geometric structures take inspiration from the magnificent structures that embody London and the perspective photography by @eyesofurban.